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Hello and welcome to Best Hotels Anywhere, your new go-to platform for finding top rated hotels. We traveled the world for 6 years, living out of suitcases and spending our nights in hotels, motels, apartments, condos and cabins throughout Asia, Europe, South America and the US. Sound tiring? It was! But it was an adventure we’ll never forget.

Today, our only goal is to help you book the perfect place to stay on every vacation, long term trip or weekend getaway. Through our first hand knowledge, we’re here to give you the expert information you need to find the best hotels.

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Who Are We?

We’re Mark and Kristen Morgan, and at our core we just love to travel. It’s our thing in life. The constant thrill of always being in new countries, cities or national parks is like a never-ending adrenaline rush.

We’ve booked so many hotels that we have VIP status with our preferred OTA, and we know how to choose the best hotel in any new place with our eyes closed. It’s second nature for us.

Mark and Kristen Morgan Best Hotels Anywhere hiking Tour du Mont Blanc near Chamonix in France on a sunny day with blue sky
Raffles Hotel in Singapore on a cloudy day with roundabout entrance area

What’s Our Background?

Meet The Team

Mark morgan

Writer, Photographer
& Travel Planner

Mark grew up in York, England before leaving to travel the world full time in 2018. Finding top rated hotels is something of a forte for Mark, who sees every new destination as a challenge to conquer.

Hotel location is Mark’s top priority, which often means more expensive prices and results with Kristen reigning him in. But you can rest assured that hotels with the best location are always covered in our guides.

Mark can’t travel without tea and we are always finding emergency Yorkshire tea bags hidden away in secret compartments of suitcases or backpacks. We also have far too many subscriptions so Mark can keep up with the football back in England!

Mark Morgan from Best Hotels Anywhere hiking into the Grand Canyon with a camera on a sunny day in Arizona

kristen morgan

Editor, Photographer
& Accounts

Kristen is from a small town in Western New York close to the Finger Lakes. Looking after the finances and keeping our travel budget in check is one of Kristen’s greatest pleasures in life.

Hotel cost is Kristen’s top priority, which means we always look for the best deals and travel with flexible dates in order to pick up the cheapest nights available. You will find this price awareness in all of our guides.

Kristen can’t travel without Franks Hot Sauce, which goes on pretty much every meal we make from breakfast through dinner. Reading is one of Kristen’s passions, so we always carry her Kindle for long flights and the occasional day around a pool!

Kristen Morgan from Best Hotels Anywhere hiking on stunning rock formations at The Wave in Arizona on a cool day in December
Couple standing together on a beach with the sea and blue sunloungers on either side, and a small town built into a hillside behind

What Makes Us Hotel Pros?

Well, how can anyone really become an expert at helping other travelers find hotels? As far as we’re concerned, the only way to become a true pro is through years of experience and hundreds of hotel bookings around the world. And that’s exactly what we have in abundance.

We’ve booked more than 500 hotel stays since 2018, and we consider ourselves true experts when we book our own hotels, no matter our destination, budget or travel goals.

How Can We Help You?

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Connect With Us

We created Best Hotels Anywhere to help you make the most informed decision on exactly which hotel to book for every vacation you ever take. And we love to hear from our readers, so head over to our contact page if you have any questions about booking hotels for your next trip.

So without further ado,

Let’s find you the Best Hotel Anywhere!

-Mark and Kristen