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About Best Hotels Anywhere

Hello and welcome to Best Hotels Anywhere, your new resource for finding the perfect hotel on every vacation, long term trip or weekend getaway.

Mark and Kristen Morgan from Best Hotels Anywhere and Where Are Those Morgans at a viewpoint overlooking Florence Italy at sunset
Mark and Kristen enjoying a sunset in Florence, Italy

Who Are We?

Best Hotels Anywhere is a hotel blog created by Mark and Kristen Morgan, professional travel writers, hikers and photographers, who make a living from constantly traveling the world.

After decade long careers as scientists, we took an 18 month honeymoon around the globe in 2018 and transformed the experience into a new unexpected life together.

We created, the popular travel, hiking and photography blog helping over two million travelers plan the best possible trips each year.

A combination of living in places all over the world and our acquired skill set in the travel profession inspired us to create a unique service, which is to help you find the “best” hotels in any destination.

Mark and Kristen Morgan Best Hotels Anywhere hiking Tour du Mont Blanc near Chamonix in France on a sunny day with blue sky
Mark and Kristen on Day 7 hiking the Tour du Mont Blanc

Our Experience

With no home base and a much loved life on the road, we continuously search for and book hotels.

Over the last 5 years, we have become experts when it comes to finding the perfect hotel no matter the destination, our budget or our travel goals.

The data analysis skills we cultivated as scientists seamlessly translate into every aspect of our travel lifestyle and we have crafted a well-defined hotel searching technique we use time and time again.

These methods have taught us how to find the very best hotels every time we visit a new place.

We always save with rewards programs and we always find exactly what we need based on location, price and quality.

Drone photo of Positano on the Amalfi Coast in Italy colorful cliffside buildings with aqua colored sea
Our drone photo overlooking the stunning cliffside buildings in Positano, Italy

Finding Hotels

One of the most frequently asked questions we receive as travel professionals is “where should we stay in X?” or “what are the best hotels in Y?”

If you’re a researcher like us, you will scour the internet looking for the best deals, ratings and locations for hotels before you book something.

But that process can be time consuming, stressful and leave you scratching your head.

Not to mention, if you want to see a list of the “best” hotels in a place, you will typically get nothing but a long list of hotel booking engines displaying hotels based on commission.

Best Hotels Anywhere is our niche platform focused solely on helping you find that perfect hotel, no matter where you want to visit, based entirely on research and analysis of quality vs location vs price.

No hidden agenda, no strings.

Raffles Hotel in Singapore on a cloudy day with roundabout entrance area
Raffles Hotel in Singapore, home of the famous Singapore Sling cocktail

What Can You Expect?

Here is what you can expect from our brand and our hotel guides:

  • 1 – We only write hotel guides about destinations we have visited ourselves. This ensures you are receiving accurate and personalized information directly from our own experiences. We do not write guides about places we have not been, we do not use AI automation tools and we do not outsource any writing or content creation.
  • 2 – We analyze and evaluate all properties in a city or area of interest. Every hotel listed on this website is a place we already have stayed or would stay ourselves in future. We do not include hotels based on commission or bias in any way.
  • 3 – We use our personal experiences, location within each destination, value for money and previous guest reviews from multiple sources to gain an overall hotel rating. Each hotel guide takes days of planning, visiting, researching and writing for optimal results.
  • 4 – Every single hotel guide we write is 100% original. We have our own unique method for finding and presenting the “best” hotels in any given destination. If you find any other online resources resembling our content, check the date stamp and you will find we wrote it first.
  • 5 – Our guides sort hotels into 3 main budget categories: budget, mid-range and luxury. Within each budget category we list the top rated hotels for inclusivity and fairness to all travelers.

Our only goal is to help you narrow down your hotel search, save you time and save you money for every trip you take.

Do you want to know a little bit more about each of us?

Mark Morgan from Best Hotels Anywhere hiking into the Grand Canyon with a camera on a sunny day in Arizona

Mark Morgan

Mark grew up in York, England before leaving to travel the world full time in 2018. Finding hotels is something of a forte for Mark, who sees every new destination as a challenge to win.

Hotel location is Mark’s top priority, which often means more expensive prices and results in Kristen reigning him in. But you can rest assured that hotels with the best location are always covered in our guides.

Mark can’t travel without tea and we are always finding ’emergency’ Yorkshire tea bags hidden away in secret compartments of suitcases or backpacks. We also have far too many subscriptions so Mark can keep up with the football back in England!

Kristen Morgan from Best Hotels Anywhere hiking on stunning rock formations at The Wave in Arizona on a cool day in December

Kristen Morgan

Kristen is from a small town in Western New York close to the Finger Lakes. Looking after the finances and keeping our travel budget in check is one of Kristen’s greatest pleasures in life.

Hotel cost is Kristen’s top priority, which means we always look for the best deals and travel with flexible dates in order to pick up the cheapest nights available. You will find this price awareness in all of our guides.

Kristen can’t travel without Franks Hot Sauce, which goes on pretty much every meal we make from breakfast through dinner. Reading is one of Kristen’s passions, so we always carry her Kindle for long flights and the occasional day around a pool!

We created Best Hotels Anywhere to help you make the most informed decision on exactly which hotel to book for every vacation you ever take.

So without further ado,

Let’s find you the Best Hotel Anywhere!

Want to collaborate or ask us a question about your upcoming trip?

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