8 Top Rated Hotels In Cody Wyoming

8 best hotels in Cody Wyoming by Best Hotels Anywhere

Cody has a great selection of quality cheap, mid range and luxury hotels available for your visit to Wyoming. It’s the best place to stay on the east side of Yellowstone National Park, and it’s the perfect stopping point if you’re driving between Mount Rushmore and Yellowstone. We’ve stayed at 4 different hotels in Cody, so we know the area well.

In this guide we show you the best hotels in Cody Wyoming for all budgets, based on our experiences.

Our Experience In Cody WY

Couple laying on a bed at a historic hotel in Cody Wyoming
Here we are reading about Yellowstone in the historic Irma hotel in Cody WY

We’ve stayed at A Western Rose Motel, Irma Hotel, Cody Legacy Inn and The Cody Hotel in Cody, split between two separate visits to Yellowstone. Our first visit was in October 2019 and we were snowed in for a day, and our second visit was in April 2021 and we decided to have a day off our long road trip before entering Yellowstone.

We really like Cody because it’s unassuming, relaxing, and it has great hotels and food options. The Buffalo Bill Center of the West is well worth visiting if you have time, and we also recommend walking down Sheridan Avenue to stop in at shops, cafes, restaurants or bars. Read more about us.

YELLOWSTONE: We’ve written a lot of travel guides for Yellowstone on our sister site Where Are Those Morgans, so head over to our Wyoming travel guides if you need help planning your visit.

Where To Stay In Cody Wyoming

Blue car with headlights on covered in snow and snow falling heavily near a motel in Cody WY
Our car covered in snow after waking up at A Western Rose Motel

Cody is a small place but it’s top rated hotels are actually spread far apart. Some are located along Sheridan Ave in downtown Cody, where you’ll find most of the town’s amenities and restaurants. And then there’s a cluster of the better hotels located around 3 miles west of town.

The downtown area of Cody is pedestrian friendly and you can walk to reach any restaurant, bar or museum. But if you stay in a hotel to the west of town you’ll have to drive into town for meals.

On the flip side, those hotels located west of town are more isolated and therefore quieter. So if you just want to grab some food and get an early night, it might be worth staying at a hotel to the west. They’re also 3 miles closer to Yellowstone’s east entrance!

Cody WY Hotels Map

Click or touch the map below to activate. Zoom in and out, move around the area to see exactly where each hotel is located.

Map key:

  • Green stars – Low budget
  • Red stars – Mid range budget
  • Blue stars – High budget

How We Order Hotels

Coffee cup with pink lid on a table
We enjoyed a coffee in the popular coffee shop called Rawhide

We’ve hand picked 8 Cody hotels for you to consider booking by taking into account previous guest ratings, location, value for money and our own experiences in the area. Read more about our editorial process.

Hotels in this guide are listed in order of average nightly cost. We analyzed nightly prices on three future dates in different seasons so we could order with a degree of accuracy.

You’ll find 3 x cheap hotels, 2 x mid range budget hotels and 3 x luxury hotels. We periodically update our guides to ensure the previous guest ratings from Booking and Google reviews are accurate.

1. Cody Legacy Inn

Guest ratings:

  • Booking.com – 8.3 / 10
  • Google – 4.2 / 5
Entrance to Cody Legacy Inn hotel in Cody Wyoming huge wooden beams
Photo courtesy of Cody Legacy Inn
  • Price: Cheap $
  • Amenities: Free WiFi, free parking, gym, free coffee, laundry
  • Location: 1 mile southeast of downtown Cody

Cody Legacy Inn is a great cheap hotel in Cody Wyoming. We’ve personally stayed in a king room at this affordable hotel and we had an excellent experience. The whole place was clean, quiet and comfortable, and the beds were fantastic.

Reviewers rate comfort, cleanliness, facilities and location the highest at Cody Legacy Inn. It has a higher amount of reviews on Booking.com than any other hotel in Cody, which means it’s a popular choice. We think it’s a great place to start looking if you’re traveling to Yellowstone on a low budget.

BOOK: Cody Legacy Inn

2. A Western Rose Motel

Guest ratings:

  • Booking.com – 8.3 / 10
  • Google – 4.5 / 5
Long one story motel style lodging with car park
Photo courtesy of A Western Rose Motel
  • Price: Cheap $
  • Amenities: Free WiFi, free parking, laundry
  • Location: 3 minute walk to downtown Cody

A Western Rose is a wonderful low budget motel style hotel in Cody. Again, we’ve stayed at this motel personally (this is where we got snowed in!) and it was a great experience. The owners are really nice people and they helped us navigate the local weather conditions.

Reviewers rate staff, comfort, cleanliness and location the highest at A Western Rose Motel. The rooms are small, cozy and affordable, but the best part about staying here is the location, which is just a few minutes walk to all of the restaurants, cafes and shops in downtown Cody.

BOOK: A Western Rose Motel

3. Cody Cowboy Village

Guest ratings:

  • Booking.com – 9.1 / 10
  • Google – 4.6 / 5
Sunset over Cody WY and Cody Cowboy Village with small wooden buildings
Photo courtesy of Cody Cowboy Village
  • Price: Cheap $
  • Amenities: Free WiFi, free parking, free coffee, enormous outdoor jacuzzi
  • Location: 2.5 miles west of downtown Cody

Cody Cowboy Village is the best cheap hotel in Cody Wyoming. The price point is leaning to mid range but you get to stay in western themed cabins next to the rodeo and cowboy show. You can also sit in a 30 person outdoor jacuzzi to relax after a long day in the park or driving.

Reviewers rate staff, comfort, cleanliness, facilities and location the highest at Cody Cowboy Village. Scores are sky high across all booking platforms and it’s the perfect place for couples, families or light sleepers who prefer detached lodging. It’s one of our overall top hotel recommendations.

BOOK: Cody Cowboy Village

4. The Cody Hotel

Guest ratings:

  • Booking.com – 9.1 / 10
  • Google – 4.7 / 5
Inside an upscale lobby area of The Cody Hotel with armchairs on a carpet
Photo courtesy of The Cody Hotel
  • Price: Mid range $$
  • Amenities: Free WiFi, free parking, indoor heated swimming pool, hot tub, fitness center, breakfast included, laundry, pet friendly (no extra fee)
  • Location: 2.5 miles west of downtown Cody

The Cody Hotel is one of the very best hotels in Cody, and it’s ranked in the top 5 of every online booking platform. It also comes with our personal seal of approval after a fantastic experience. We used the heated indoor pool late at night and enjoyed breakfast the next morning.

Reviewers rate staff, comfort, cleanliness, facilities and location the highest at The Cody Hotel. It has sky high scores across the board, pets are welcome at no extra fee, rooms are comfortable and it’s among the more affordable mid range budget hotels in town, so it’s definitely another of our top picks!

BOOK: The Cody Hotel

5. Hampton Inn and Suites

Guest ratings:

  • Booking.com – 9.2 / 10
  • Google – 4.5 / 5
Hot tub jacuzzi undercover outside a hotel in Cody WY
Photo courtesy of Hilton
  • Price: Mid range $$
  • Amenities: Free WiFi, free parking, breakfast included, barbecue facilities, fitness center, indoor swimming pool, hot tub, laundry, free coffee, pet friendly
  • Location: 2.2 miles west of downtown Cody

Hampton Inn and Suites is one of the newest and most modern hotels in Cody WY. It has clean and neat facilities, a great gym, pool and hot tub, as well as a breakfast that has rave reviews from previous guests.

Reviewers rate staff, comfort, cleanliness, facilities and location the highest at Hampton Inn and Suites. It’s pet friendly, it has plenty of communal outdoor to spaces to enjoy in warmer months and it scores really well overall. We think it’s a great choice if you prefer staying at hotel chains.

BOOK: Hampton Inn and Suites

6. Best Western Premier Ivy Inn

Guest ratings:

  • Booking.com – 8.6 / 10
  • Google – 4.4 / 5
Inside a plush guest bedroom with king size bed tv desk and chair
Photo courtesy of Best Western
  • Price: Mid Range $$
  • Amenities: Free WiFi, free parking, indoor swimming pool and hot tub, fitness center, free laundry, on site restaurant and bar
  • Location: 1 mile southwest of downtown Cody

Best Western Premier Ivy Inn is another great mid-range chain hotel option. We’ve stayed in BW Premier’s all over the US and they’re usually excellent. This one has good ratings, a fantastic on-site restaurant, a great indoor pool for the kids and free laundry facilities which is perfect if you’re on a long road trip.

Reviewers rate staff, comfort, cleanliness, facilities and location the highest at Best Western Premier Ivy Inn. Prices are definitely heading toward the upper end of mid range here, but it’s a quality hotel and ranks in the top 5 of all online booking platforms according to previous guests.

BOOK: Best Western Premier Ivy Inn Cody

7. K3 Guest Ranch

Guest ratings:

  • Booking.com – 9.5 / 10
  • Google – 4.9 / 5
Exterior photo of a ranch in Cody WY with towering cliffs behind
Photo courtesy of K3 Guest Ranch
  • Price: Luxury $$$
  • Amenities: Free WiFi, free parking, pet friendly, homemade breakfast included
  • Location: 3.8 miles southwest of downtown Cody

K3 Guest Ranch bed and breakfast is the most unique place to stay in Cody Wyoming. Once a working cattle ranch, K3 is hidden away in a secluded valley and it’s perfect if you want an authentic wild west experience. It also has very high ratings and excellent reviews.

Reviewers rate staff, comfort, cleanliness, facilities, value for money and location the highest at K3 Guest Ranch. You can sleep in a covered wagon and wake up to a homemade western breakfast cooked over an open fire each morning. There’s also lots of animals on site for the kids to see!

BOOK: K3 Guest Ranch

8. Chamberlin Inn

Guest ratings:

  • Booking.com – 9.2 / 10
  • Google – 4.8 / 5
Exterior photo of an inn in Cody WY with bicycle and garden
Photo courtesy of Chamberlin Inn
  • Price: Luxury $$$
  • Amenities: Free WiFi, free parking, free coffee, on site garden, parlor, library and bar
  • Location: 4 minute walk to Jackson town square

Chamberlin Inn is the best hotel in Cody Wyoming thanks to a perfect downtown location, exceptional ratings from previous guests across all booking platforms, upscale furnishings, a wonderful atmosphere and even live music played outside in the evenings. It doesn’t get much better than this.

Reviewers rate staff, comfort, facilities, cleanliness and location the highest at Chamberlin Inn. It’s a historic, elegant and romantic boutique hotel, which makes it perfect for couples. The good news is that it’s affordable luxury, so be sure to look at prices for your travel dates!

BOOK: Chamberlin Inn

Best Hotels In Cody By Reviews

Vibrant swirling natural patterns in Grand Prismatic Spring Yellowstone WY
Grand Prismatic Spring in Yellowstone

We always look at guest reviews when booking our hotels in new travel destinations. Previous guest reviews are a fantastic resource to use because you can see genuine unbiased pros and cons from a wide range of real people.

But it’s important to use reviews as a guide only because you might not necessarily agree with others. Let’s take a look at the best hotels in Cody as per genuine user generated reviews from popular online resources.

1. Booking.com

According to previous guest reviews on Booking.com, your top three hotel options are:

2. Hotels.com

According to previous guest reviews on Hotels.com, your top three hotel options are:

3. Google

According to previous guest reviews on Google, your top three hotel options are:

4. Tripadvisor

According to previous guest reviews on Tripadvisor, your top three hotel options are:


Buffalo Bill Center Museum of the West in Cody Wyoming on a snow day
Buffalo Bill Center of the West Museum is well worth a visit in Cody

After two extensive trips to Yellowstone (and lots of hotel stays!) we think Cody has very reasonable hotel prices, especially when compared to the likes of Jackson, Gardiner and West Yellowstone. It’s further out from the park, so you’re not paying for that same convenience.

Naturally, if you visit Yellowstone in the busier summer months you can expect to pay more at hotels. But you’ll find great prices if you visit Yellowstone in the shoulder months like May or October.

Added Tax

Hiker in pink coat on a bridge overlooking the Yellowstone River near Cody Wyoming
Kristen looking out at the Yellowstone River on a sunny but cold morning

Bear in mind when booking your hotel in Cody that you’ll pay 11% hotel tax on top of your base rate. And you may also see an additional property service fee of $4.95 or $8.95 per night in some instances.

So, let’s say the basic nightly room cost at a cheap hotel is $100.00 for one night, your actual total cost is going to be at least $111.00.

  • When booking your hotel using Booking.com look under the price for includes taxes and fees. This means the price you see is final and will not be subject to further add ons.
  • Conversely, if you see text reading something like +$30 for taxes and fees, that means you’ll pay the hotel room cost + the additional 11% tax.

Our Verdict

Couple standing on a vent with smoke coming out in Yellowstone
Mark and Kristen near Mud Volcano in southeast Yellowstone near Cody

Cody, Wyoming has a superb range of hotels suitable for all budgets. It’s a great little town to visit, and it has some of the lowest hotel prices around Yellowstone so it’s worth considering if you’re on a longer road trip and you want to save money before entering the park.

We’d happily recommend all four hotels we’ve stayed in (especially The Cody Hotel), but next time we visit we’d like to stay at Chamberlin Inn. It’s luxurious, it has amazing reviews and it’s bang smack in the center of town.

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We hope this guide to the best hotels in Cody helps with planning your visit to Wyoming!

Please let us know if you have any questions by commenting below.

Happy Booking,

Mark and Kristen
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