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13 Best Death Valley Hotels: Where To Stay In 2023

13 Best Death Valley Hotels: Where To Stay In 2023

Are you looking for the very best Death Valley hotels? Perfect! We’re going to show you the 13 top rated hotels available in the most popular places surrounding Death Valley National Park so you can make the most informed decision on exactly where to stay when you visit.

Instead of trawling through endless randomly listed hotel search engine results, use our research and data driven guide to find the best hotel in Death Valley for your visit based on location, value, previous guest ratings and our own experiences.

We have personally visited Death Valley National Park on two separate occasions. Both times we stayed in several hotels throughout and around the enormous scorched landscape.

Here’s how we will break down the best Death Valley hotels to help you find the perfect place to stay:

  • Why it is so hard to book hotels around Death Valley?
  • Your travel plans
  • Popular places to stay near Death Valley National Park
  • The best hotels in each area
  • Top Death Valley hotels for specific travelers

Let’s find the perfect hotel for your trip to Death Valley National Park, California!

*Please note this guide contains affiliate links. If you click on one, we may earn a small commission at no extra cost to you. Thank you for supporting the free content we provide! Read more in our disclosure policy.*

Why Is It So Hard To Book Hotels Around Death Valley?

Mark and Kristen from Best Hotels Anywhere at either side of the Death Valley National Park welcome sign in California
Mark and Kristen at the Death Valley National Park sign

Death Valley is the largest national park in the contiguous 48 states of America by a huge margin, with Yellowstone National Park second around 33% smaller in size.

The tiny desert towns encircling the vast emptiness of Death Valley offer very few hotels, motels or lodging options. Plus, the 4 hotels inside the park are expensive, not well rated and often fully occupied.

As a result, it can be challenging to book the best Death Valley hotel for your budget and travel plans.

Our Solution

You can be smart about your hotel locations by staying at different hotels each night to cut out the long drives. Think point to point, as opposed to a loop.

We always stay at different hotels around Death Valley, creating an efficient itinerary so we get more time enjoying the best things to do in Death Valley, spend less time driving and save money by staying at cheaper hotels outside the park.

The only issue is it means more admin, more hotel bookings and more planning on your part. But it is worth it to be able to see more of Death Valley.

And that is why you are visiting, right?

Popular Ways To Visit Death Valley

Woman walking on Badwater Basin salt crystals when dry on a hot day in california
Kristen walking along a dried up stretch of Badwater Basin

There are two ways in which most people visit Death Valley:

  1. Loop – Arguably the most popular way to visit Death Valley is by driving a loop road trip route starting and ending in Las Vegas.
  2. Through – Others on longer trips to the US southwest will drive through Death Valley as part of a wider road trip covering more places on either side of the park.

Whichever way you plan to visit Death Valley, it is important to know all of your hotel options inside and outside the park.

If you plan to hike a bunch of trails which will take all day, or you want to visit the more remote parts of Death Valley, you should always be aware of the closest hotels.

Visiting Death Valley from Vegas?

Read our guide on exactly how to plan the perfect Las Vegas to Death Valley day trip, featuring two example itinerary options.

Should You Stay Inside Or Outside Death Valley?

Mesquite Sand Dunes with footprints at dusk in Death Valley National Park
Mesquite Sand Dunes at dusk

Staying Inside

Furnace Creek, Panamint Springs and Stovepipe Wells are the three different locations that you can book a hotel or motel in Death Valley National Park boundaries.

You will pay a lot more money for the central location and convenience, but you will be closer to the action.

Note that hotels inside Death Valley will be more expensive in peak season.

We recommend visiting Death Valley in December to find the best value and availability on hotels both inside and outside the park.

This is a better option for longer stays and those with no budget concerns.

  • Pros: Central location, closer to more attractions and hikes, less drive time overall.
  • Cons: Expensive, mostly poor previous guest ratings.

Staying Outside

Beatty, Bonnie Claire, Death Valley Junction, Shoshone, Pahrump and Lone Pine are all located outside the Death Valley National Park boundary.

Hotels are far more affordable but they are much further from the attractions. You can go some way to resolving this by creating an efficient point to point itinerary.

This is a better option for shorter visits, those on a lower budget or those driving point to point.

  • Pros: More affordable hotels, choice over where you eat, more unique stays.
  • Cons: Have to drive in or out of the park to get to main attractions.

Where To Stay Around Death Valley National Park

Long open road leading to mountains in california
Long, open and desolate road leading to mountains in Death Valley

The first step to finding the best hotel for your trip to Death Valley is to make sure you are staying in the right area for your desired itinerary.

As you search for accommodation around the region, you will find several small towns all offering between 1-5 hotels each.

We are going to cover 13 highly rated hotels (unlucky for some but we hope lucky for you here!) spread across 9 different locations around Death Valley, including hotels both inside and outside the park.

Here are the 9 locations:

  1. Furnace Creek, CA (inside park)
  2. Stovepipe Wells, CA (inside park)
  3. Panamint Springs, CA (inside park)
  4. Beatty, NV
  5. Bonnie Claire, NV
  6. Pahrump, NV
  7. Death Valley Junction, CA
  8. Shoshone, CA
  9. Lone Pine, CA

What You Need To Know About Each Place

Woman with arm in the air stood next to a tall Joshua Tree in the Californian desert on a sunny day
Kristen stood next to a Joshua Tree near west entrance to Death Valley

Let’s take a summarized look at each of the best places to stay in Death Valley.

Furnace Creek

Furnace Creek is the small village at the center of Death Valley and it is the most built up area inside the park. You will find campgrounds, two hotels, a gas station, jeep rental, a general store and even a golf course here.

A restaurant called The Last Kind Words Saloon serves up steaks and classic American food.

Stovepipe Wells

Stovepipe Wells is located northwest of Furnace Creek and close to Mesquite Sand Dunes. This area also has a gas station and general store.

It is smaller but has better rated eateries, including Toll Road and Badwater Saloon restaurants.

Panamint Springs

The last place you can stay inside Death Valley is Panamint Springs, located way further west almost to the park entrance. There’s just a small hotel, an RV park and a gas station here.

You can eat at Panamint Springs Resort restaurant, the only option here.


Beatty is located to the northeast of Death Valley but is accessible directly via Daylight Pass road. This route winds up and over the mountains, passing the entrance to Titus Canyon and Rhyolite Ghost Town.

You can eat at a cracking BBQ place called Smokin’ J’s Barbecue, Happy Burro Chili and Beer or Mel’s Diner for breakfast.

Bonnie Claire

Bonnie Claire is little more than desert and dust but there is one highly rated B&B option here. It is the closest place you can stay near Scotty’s Castle, Ubuhebe Crater and The Racetrack.

There are no restaurants for dinner, but the B&B provides a hearty breakfast each morning.


Pahrump is the most built up town between Las Vegas and Death Valley. It has plenty of hotels and restaurants at more affordable rates than Vegas.

One idea could be to leave Vegas later in the day, eat dinner and spend a night in Pahrump before heading into Death Valley early. You will save money and time.

Alternatively, you could stay in Pahrump after a long day in Death Valley on the way to Las Vegas.

You can eat at a ton of highly rated Mexican, Thai and Italian places in Pahrump.

Top tip: Fill up with gas in Pahrump at cheaper rates before heading into California where prices surge drastically!

Death Valley Junction

Death Valley Junction is the closest town to Death Valley. It is also the closest place you can stay to the popular east park entrance (near Las Vegas).

Just one hotel here, but there’s a highly rated seasonal cafe attached called Amargosa Cafe. For dinner, you can drive 8 miles north to Stateline Saloon.


Shoshone is another tiny place near the east entrance to Death Valley, but a little further south. There’s one highly rated hotel and a popular all day diner called The Crowbar.

This could be a great place to stay for anyone driving down to Los Angeles after leaving Death Valley because it is close to being back on I-15.

Lone Pine

Lone Pine is a Californian town on the west side of Death Valley. It the second largest of all places to stay near the park after Pahrump on the Nevada side.

There are a handful of hotels and some great places to eat in Lone Pine. It is our favorite place to stay near Death Valley in terms of the town itself.

Lone Pine is frequently used as the staging area for hiking Mt Whitney, one of the best hikes in the US, and it is also the closest town to the incredibly photogenic Alabama Hills.

We recommend staying here if you plan to visit Yosemite or Lake Tahoe before or after Death Valley. Give yourself a few hours spare to explore the Alabama Hills and hike to Mobius Arch.

Your Death Valley Itinerary

Ghosts sculpture at Rhyolite ghost town near Beatty NV
Last Supper sculpture in Rhyolite ghost town near Beatty, NV

Exactly what you plan to do in and around Death Valley will heavily influence the best hotels for your visit.

In most other top USA national parks, you can get away with booking one hotel and staying there for the duration of your trip.

But here in Death Valley that could mean countless hours of driving. Notice the theme here, we’re driving home the whole “it’s a lot of driving” concept for a reason!

Here are the three most important questions to ask yourself before booking a Death Valley hotel:

  • How many days are you visiting Death Valley?
  • Where are you going to be both before and after Death Valley?
  • What do you want to do in the National Park?

Prioritize Plans Over Budget

Let’s say for instance you plan to drive from Las Vegas to Yosemite National Park via Death Valley. You might be better suited to one hotel on the east side of Death Valley and one hotel on the west side the next night.

However, if you are looping from Las Vegas and want to spend one night in the park, you might be better off staying at Furnace Creek.

In Death Valley, it is about finding a hotel that fits your plans first and then your budget second.

Not the other way around.

OK, let’s dive into the 13 best Death Valley hotels!

Best Hotels Inside Death Valley National Park

Let’s kick things off with hotels you can book inside Death Valley National Park.

There are only 4 options available, which is surprising considering the amount of annual tourists visiting Death Valley.

Perhaps more surprising is how old and rustic most of the accommodations are, plus the prices you pay to stay in them.

1. The Inn At Death Valley – Furnace Creek

Guest ratings:

  • – 8.2 / 10
  • Google – 4.1 / 5
The Inn at Death Valley hotel from the road looking like a desert oasis
The Inn at Death Valley from the main road nearby
  • Price: Expensive $$$.
  • Amenities: Spring fed pool, restaurant, gym.
  • Near: Badwater Basin, Zabriskie Point, Golden Canyon.

The Inn at Death Valley is the most luxurious hotel you can stay either inside or near Death Valley National Park. It is centrally located, has a great pool and attractive surroundings.

However, the hotel is hard to find availability, prices are sky high and the restaurant is also exceptionally expensive.

We would suggest booking a room here if you have no budget concerns, or you are looking to splurge for a celebration.

>> Book Hotel: The Inn At Death Valley

2. The Ranch At Death Valley

Guest ratings:

  • – 7.4 / 10
  • Google – 3.8 / 5
The Ranch at Death Valley hotel arched entrance sign
The Ranch at Death Valley entrance
  • Price: Expensive $$$.
  • Amenities: Golf course, Last Kind Words Saloon, spring-fed pool, general store.
  • Near: Badwater Basin, Zabriskie Point, Golden Canyon.

The Ranch at Death Valley is your only alternative hotel option in Furnace Creek. It is slightly more affordable but has far poorer previous guest reviews on both Booking and Google.

Being centrally located will be more important for some than others. If your number one priority is location, the Ranch could be a great option for you.

The restaurant is also expensive here, but you have to remember you are in the middle of Death Valley after all!

>> Book Hotel: The Ranch At Death Valley

3. Stovepipe Wells Death Valley

Guest ratings:

  • – N/A
  • Google – 4.1 / 5
Badwater saloon at Stovepipe Wells in Death Valley National Park
Badwater Saloon at Stovepipe Wells
  • Price: Mid Range to Expensive $$.
  • Amenities: Pool, restaurant, bar.
  • Near: Mesquite Sand Dunes, Grotto Canyon, Mosaic Canyon.

Stovepipe Wells hotel and restaurant is a more affordable place to stay within Death Valley. The rooms are basic and the AC is loud, but you get a pool and the highest rated restaurant in the park.

This is where to stay in Death Valley National Park if you want to be out shooting sunrise photography at Mesquite Sand Dunes. However, despite being the best place to stay in Death Valley boundaries, it will still cost you a fair whack to stay in Stovepipe Wells.

>> Book Hotel: Stovepipe Wells

4. Panamint Springs Motel Death Valley

Guest ratings:

  • – 7.6 / 10
  • Google – 4.0 / 5
Panamint Springs Motel western style rustic accommodation with motorbike out front on a sunny day
Panamint Springs Motel restaurant
  • Price: Mid Range to Expensive $$.
  • Amenities: Restaurant, bar, general store.
  • Near: Darwin Falls, Father Crowley Overlook.

Panamint Springs Motel is part of a very small rustic set up close to Death Valley west entrance. It is the last place you can stay within the park boundaries and like the others it is very expensive for what you get.

However, it is inside the park and it is much closer to the top sights.

With that said, we would suggest looking at Lone Pine as an alternative to Panamint Springs if you are leaving the park via went entrance. It is further to drive but it is cheaper and has more amenities.

>> Book Hotel: Panamint Springs Motel

Best Hotels Near Death Valley National Park

Now you know your options within Death Valley, let’s take a look at the more affordable hotels in small towns dotted around the National Park.

There are places on both sides of the park to consider, which works well for anyone traveling through the park in either direction.

We typically use one of these places to spend a night before and after Death Valley so we avoid overpaying at a hotel inside Death Valley or in Las Vegas, when all we need it for is a bed to sleep in after a long day.

5. Death Valley Inn – Beatty, NV

Guest ratings:

  • – 8.2 / 10
  • Google – 4.1 / 5
Death Valley Inn in Beatty NV one of the best places to stay near Death Valley
Our room in Death Valley Inn, Beatty NV
  • Price: Cheap $.
  • Amenities: Laundry, outdoor pool, hot tub, BBQ area, pet friendly.
  • Near: Rhyolite Ghost Town, Titus Canyon.

Beatty is one of the best places to stay near Death Valley National Park. It is only 9 miles from the park boundary and it is very close to the popular ghost town called Rhyolite.

Death Valley Inn has more guest ratings on Booking and Google than any other hotel in town and we have personally stayed here. It’s a great spot with a top rated breakfast place just across the road.

Those on longer trips can do laundry here.

>> Book Hotel: Death Valley Inn

6. El Portal Motel – Beatty, NV

Guest ratings:

  • – 8.3 / 10
  • Google – 4.2 / 5
El Portal Motel in Beatty NV from the outside on a sunny day
El Portal Motel in Beatty, NV on a sunny morning
  • Price: Cheap $.
  • Amenities: Outdoor pool.
  • Near: Rhyolite Ghost Town, Titus Canyon.

Also in Beatty is the El Portal Motel, which is centrally located within the town and close to the main restaurants. Don’t forget to take the short stroll up to Smokin’ J’s Barbecue!

El Portal is more basic and has fewer amenities but it also has a slightly higher previous guest rating than Desert View Inn on both Booking and Google. Either will do the trick.

>> Book Hotel: El Portal Motel

7. Shady Lady B&B – Bonnie Claire, NV

Guest ratings:

  • – 8.9 / 10
  • Google – 4.7 / 5
Shady Lady bed and breakfast peacocks and scenic views
Shady Lady – Photo Courtesy of Shady Lady Bed and Breakfast
  • Price: Cheap to Mid Range $.
  • Amenities: Highly rated breakfast included, outdoor pool, mountain views.
  • Near: Scotty’s Castle, Ubuhebe Crater, The Racetrack.

If you’re looking for the best hotels in Death Valley CA, you are technically looking at the highest rated hotel by previous guests either inside or near the park (correct at the time of writing).

Shady Lady is a family run bed and breakfast near Scotty’s Junction. After reading rave reviews about the breakfast here, it could be on our radar next time we’re in Death Valley. There are peacocks roaming and stunning mountain views to boot.

This one is best booked if you plan to visit Ubuhebe Crater or The Racetrack and you want to stay close by, maybe for sunrise or sunset photography. Just be aware, Scotty’s Castle road is closed until 2023.

>> Book Hotel: Shady Lady B&B

8. Holiday Inn Express – Pahrump, NV

Guest ratings:

  • – 8.8 / 10
  • Google – 4.5 / 5
Holiday Inn Express hotel in Pahrump near Death Valley
Holiday Inn Express Pahrump – Photo Courtesy of IHG
  • Price: Mid Range $$.
  • Amenities: Outdoor pool, gym, pet friendly, breakfast is included.
  • Near: Las Vegas.

Holiday Inn Express in Pahrump might not sound like your first choice when it comes to booking hotels at Death Valley. However, it is the perfect location for those who want a place to crash either before or after spending a long day in the park.

The price is a little steeper because of the higher quality, breakfast and great swimming pool area. It is centrally located to the top restaurants and amenities of Pahrump.

>> Book Hotel: Holiday Inn Express

9. K7 B&B – Pahrump, NV

Guest ratings:

  • – 8.5 / 10
  • Google – 4.5 / 5
K7 Bed and Breakfast Pahrump two double queen beds
Our room at K7 bed and breakfast
  • Price: Cheap $.
  • Amenities: Spring fed pool, restaurant, gym.
  • Near: Las Vegas.

The best alternative hotel in Pahrump is K7 bed and breakfast. This motel style B&B is 8 miles southeast of Pahrump which makes it much quieter and even closer to Las Vegas for the next morning drive.

There’s a highly rated pizza restaurant on site, which is always a great shout after a long day hiking in a national park! We spent a night here after leaving Death Valley and it did just what we needed.

Plus, the nightly cost here is much cheaper than Holiday Inn Express, so it’s a great pick for those traveling through on a lower budget.

>> Book Hotel: K7 B&B

10. Amargosa Opera House – Death Valley Junction, CA

Guest ratings:

  • – 7.3 / 10
  • Google – 4.1 / 5
Amargosa Opera House Hotel in Death Valley Junction
Amargosa Opera House Hotel – Photo Courtesy of Amargosa Opera House
  • Price: Cheap to Mid Range $.
  • Amenities: N/A.
  • Near: Zabriskie Point, Golden Canyon.

Amargosa Opera House in Death Valley Junction is the closest among all hotels near Death Valley east entrance. This is where to stay near Death Valley National Park if you want to be as close as possible to the entrance but without paying the prices to stay at a hotel in the park.

With just a seasonal cafe on site, you might want to consider alternatives during off season. However, if there are no other options available, this could be a good one night stay between Las Vegas and Death Valley.

>> Book Hotel: Amargosa Opera House

11. Shoshone Inn – Shoshone, CA

Guest ratings:

  • – 8.6 / 10
  • Google – 4.5 / 5
Two double beds in a room with curtains open
Shoshone Inn – Photo Courtesy of Shoshone Village
  • Price: Mid Range $$.
  • Amenities: Outdoor swimming pool, bar, restaurant.
  • Near: Sidewinder Canyon.

Shoshone Inn is one of the highest rated Death Valley hotels on both Booking and Google. Rave reviews from previous guests include its excellent location if traveling between Death Valley and Mojave.

The quirky pool and understated quality are sure to delight the entire family. One of the better options in small towns near Death Valley.

>> Book Hotel: Shoshone Inn

12. Dow Villa Motel – Lone Pine, CA

Guest ratings:

  • – 8.7 / 10
  • Google – 4.3 / 5
Dow Villa Lone Pine Hotel jacuzzi and swimming pool
Dow Villa Motel – Photo Courtesy of Dow Villa Motel
  • Price: Cheap $.
  • Amenities: Outdoor seasonal pool, hot tub.
  • Near: Lake Tahoe, Yosemite, Mt Whitney.

Heading over to the best Death Valley hotels near west entrance now, Lone Pine is the best place to base yourself either before or after visiting the National Park. We’ve stayed in Lone Pine ourselves and we plan to again to hike Mt Whitney.

Dow Villa Motel offers the top rated hotel in Lone Pine on both Booking on Google. It is close to loads of restaurants and rooms are larger than average. Can’t go wrong for the price and we will definitely give this one a go next time we’re in Lone Pine.

>> Book Hotel: Dow Villa Motel

13. Portal Motel – Lone Pine, CA

Guest ratings:

  • – 8.3 / 10
  • Google – 4.3 / 5
Portal Motel Lone Pine double bed
Our room in Portal Motel in Lone Pine
  • Price: Cheap $.
  • Amenities: N/A.
  • Near: Lake Tahoe, Yosemite, Mt Whitney.

An even cheaper alternative to Dow Villa is Portal Motel in Lone Pine. Rooms are basic but functional and previous guest ratings are solid. We stayed here once for a night when traveling on a much lower budget.

If you’re on a shoestring budget or a long trip with dozens of hotel stays, this affordable and central option could be for you. It has easy access to Alabama Hills and is a great stop off on the way to Yosemite.

>> Book Hotel: Portal Motel

Are you definitely planning to stay in Lone Pine? Here’s our complete guide to the 5 best hotels in Lone Pine CA for a more detailed look at the small town near the amazing Alabama Hills.

What Are The Best Cheap Death Valley Hotels?

Are you visiting Death Valley on a tight budget?

You will likely need to stay outside the park but it is still worth checking the prices of hotels inside, just in case you catch them in off season.

Unfortunately, Death Valley doesn’t cater well to those on a low budget because it means driving in and out to nearby towns with affordable hotel rooms each morning and evening.

Remember, you could always choose to stay in a tent or RV in one of the campgrounds. We tried that once and our tent was blown down at 2.00am by a dust storm with us in it!

Let’s take a look at the top rated cheap Death Valley hotels:

What Are The Best Luxury 5 Star Hotels Near Death Valley National Park?

Are you looking to splurge on your southern California vacation?

Well, you’re out of luck and you should save your money for another trip instead!

Death Valley hotels aren’t exactly luxurious, unique or stylish. They are functional and serve a purpose.

If you really want to splash out, here’s your only option:

What Are The Best Death Valley Hotels For Families?

Are you looking for the most family friendly hotels in Death Valley National Park?

To be honest, it’s a similar situation as above with luxurious hotel options. Hotels in this area haven’t developed like the desert around Joshua Tree for instance.

If we were pushed, here’s where we would take the kids:

Best Hotels In Death Valley FAQ’s

Let’s take a quick look at some of the most frequently asked questions about where to stay in Death Valley, California.

Is It Worth Staying In Death Valley?

Yes, it is worth staying inside Death Valley National Park if you want to be close to the top hikes and attractions. However, it is more expensive to stay in Death Valley because of the convenience and prime location.

Where Do People Stay When They Visit Death Valley?

People either stay at expensive hotels inside the park or at budget friendly hotels in small towns on the outskirts of the park when visiting Death Valley.

How Many Days Are Enough For Death Valley?

One day is enough for Death Valley if you just want to sightsee the top attractions. However, you will need a minimum of two days and maybe three days in Death Valley if you want to take on popular hikes and off the beaten path attractions.

What City Is Closest To Death Valley?

Las Vegas is the closest major city to Death Valley National Park. Pahrump, Nevada is the largest town close to the park, but there are several smaller towns even closer to the national park boundaries.

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We hope this guide to the best Death Valley hotels helps you book the perfect hotel for your visit to the California desert!

Please let us know if you have any questions about any of our best hotels near Death Valley National Park in the comments below.

Happy Booking,

Mark and Kristen
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